MGM Resorts announces paid parking policy for locals

MGM Resorts has begun to provide information about their new paid parking policy and how locals will be affected. Many members have received the following message:

MGM Resorts Parking Policy for Locals
MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts International is taking steps to implement a $90 million parking strategy to expand parking availability, implement technology upgrades and reduce the hassle and frustration resulting from outdated and inefficient facilities.

In order to fund these investments—and the ongoing maintenance and capital improvements of our parking facilities—we will be instituting fees for self- and valet parking. Fees will begin to roll out at our Las Vegas hotels on June 6, 2016. These rates remain significantly below those of other highly popular tourism destinations.

As a local Nevada resident, our self-parking will continue to be complimentary to you through December 29, 2016, with the presentation of a valid Nevada driver’s license.

To extend complimentary parking beyond that date, you may choose to participate in M life Rewards, the loyalty program of MGM Resorts. Once you achieve Pearl tier status, self-parking is complimentary. Gold, Platinum and NOIR M life Rewards members also receive complimentary valet parking.

All parking is subject to availability.

The environment in Las Vegas has changed dramatically in the decades since amenities like low-quality dining, lodging and free parking were offered to attract customers. Growth in tourism and our local population—including many more cars on our local roadways—requires more parking availability, more efficient, modern parking systems and more frequent maintenance and upgrades to our aging facilities—all of which come at significant cost.

We have come to this decision with a great deal of care, particularly knowing we would be breaking with Las Vegas tradition. We know this change in strategy may be difficult in the short term, but it supports our aspirations for continuing to invest in the Las Vegas community for many years to come.

Click here for a complete overview of our parking policy.


Lili Tomovich
Chief Experience Officer

M life Experience
MGM Resorts International

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The new MGM paid parking policy will directly impact the work experience of professional guides and event staff who routinely work on the Strip at MGM Resorts properties. Gone are the days of easy coming and going from a job at one of MGM Resorts’ properties.

While we expect that this will not be the norm, at least one local employer of guides and event staff has announced that they will not reimburse MGM Resorts parking fees. What are your thoughts on this? Should step-on guides and event staff be expected to spend enough at MGM Resorts properties to reach the necessary M Life status to be able to avoid these fees, or are you ok with absorbing them, cutting into your income? This is an issue that we will be addressing more in the coming months.

What are your thoughts? How will this affect you? What solutions would you like to see enacted for those in our industry who routinely work at MGM Resorts properties providing professional services to their and our guests/clients?

Route 66/Seligman Fun Run is Coming April 30.

24th ANNUAL ROUTE 66 FUN RUN, seligman, angel delgadillo

If you are heading up to the South Rim on the morning of Saturday, April 30, I may suggest you bypass Route 66 and especially Seligman.  Angel and the town will be a bit preoccupied with the 24th ANNUAL ROUTE 66 FUN RUN.

It all starts in Selgiman bright and early Saturday morning.  Dawn is the actual starting time to line up and register. Last year there were over 800 cars registered and lined up on the main street of Seligman by 8am!!   Trust me, that leaves virtually no room for tour buses.

However, if you’re a car buff or a camera jockey, this is the fun place to be.  Its curb to curb cars, trucks and customs from every era, almost every manufacturer and many different countries. Last year we met people from all over the world who came to be in the run as well as just to ooogle the cars, the chrome and the heavy metal.

Best friend to the tour guides and one of the World’s most happiest men, Angel Delgadillo, will drop the starting flag at about 10am (give or take).  The last car will exit Seligman probably around noon.  Clearing the way for any late tour groups passing through.

On the first leg of the run, they head for Hackberry and Kingman via Peachsprings.  So the historic highway will be lined with gawkers, fans and friends wanting to cheer them all on.  Not to mention helping a few of the older ones who break down…

Hogs From the South

At the same time as all these cars are heading to Kingman from the north, the annual Laughlin River Run is having a poker run to Kingman from the south.  Meaning Route 66 from the south will be filled with more chrome and rubber to gawk at.

I’m hoping to be there again.  With the camera, not a bus.