WebSite Marketing

The Internet is where most people go today to find new business contacts.  Having an internet presence is no longer an option, but a necessity to be successful.

Your LVTGG membership includes a free profile page that allows you to have an internet presence. It’s a great addition to a personal website and should absolutely be utilized if you do not have a personal website.


  • The LVTGG website is well-aged and well-liked by the major search engines
  • Your website would be associated with ours, so it feeds off that good reputation
  • Your profile page will be search engine optimized
  • It looks professional.  No other advertising or links are on it
  • You may use it as your primary web profile
  • You can link it to your primary website

Making This Your Main Web Presence
If you do not already have a website, this is a perfect starter page.  While not necessary, you might even consider purchasing a domain name of your liking (maybe www. yourname .com, etc.) without hosting and “point” or forward the domain name to your guild profile page.    With your own domain name forwarded, “http://lvtgg .com/your_page”  becomes “http://yourdomain .com”

Already Have Your Own Website?
And wonder why you should also have a profile page on the guild site? Because it’s good marketing practice to have multiple web presences.  Each presence will be different with a different focus or point of purpose. Search engines like to see your name mentioned on other well ranked websites, and is a well ranked website.