Protecting your Contact Information

In an effort to protect their email and phone information from possible spammers and worse, some members have asked that we do not publish their contact information. However, this clearly makes it difficult for people to contact them for possible work.

Luckily, there are great options that provide ways to maintain control over one’s personal contact information, while still providing means to be contacted.

Gmail is Google’s free email service and has more features than many fee-based email services.

Start by creating an email address that works best for you. Any email sent to this address can be forwarded to any other email address.  Plus you have the ability to send email from another email service, through Gmail, as if it were created in Gmail.

Most smartphones today have Google Apps already loaded on. Signing on wherever you are is easy.

Google Voice
Got Gmail?  Get a new phone number using Google Voice.  It comes with a lot of great features, including the ability to forward the number to another phone.  You can also call from another phone and have it show up as your Google Voice number.  It can also send you a email or text of the voicemails you receive.