WebMaster Notes


The Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild (LVTGG) website is designed to help promote you, the Guild member, to the tourism world.

So here’s a short guide to help you navigate the website and get the most out of it.

Home Page
On the opening page, upper right hand corner is the place to sign up for the website updates.  We use a service called Feedburner by Google to distribute the updates. The service does not display your email address to anyone, including The Guild!  You can unsubscribe anytime.Just enter your email, verify it’s you by responding to the confirmation email and it’s set up. Any time an article is posted on the website you will be notified by email.

Updates and information
The front page is a place to promote the Guild and our membership, things that the guild is doing, and information relevant and interesting to our members. You’ll find news, updates and other articles of interest to the general tour industry.

We want members of the tour industry to visit our site and to get to know our members through interaction with the website.  The posts (articles) show our commitment to helping promote the profession as well as sometimes informing visitors of things we feel would be valuable to them.

By posting updates and articles of tourism related information, this feeds the search engines like Google.  This also keeps those who subscribe to the updates updated on who we are and what we are up to.  This keeps people knowing we/you are here and we are their source for tour professionals in Las Vegas.

See: Writing For the Guild


Members Only Information
Password protected areas include special articles,  information and resources to help you be a better guide.

See: Protecting Your Contact Information

Membership List
Your membership is as complete as the information you have given us.  The more information we have on you, the better chance of us marketing you to the Tour Operators visiting the website and Las Vegas.  Please check the Members Page and make sure we have all the correct information.

Your Own Profile Page
As a Guild member, your membership includes a personal profile page where you can display and advertise your skills, specialties, qualifications, and contact information. The information you share is up to you.

Even if you already have a personal or business website, it makes good business sense to utilize a profile page on the guild website. The guild site likely receives many visitors that your personal site does not, and your profile page can link back to your personal site.

Some things to get together for your Profile Page

  • One digital photo/logo
    Max 200 pixels by 200 pixels
  • Contact information
  • Specialties or desired positions
  • A bio of your tour career/business

For more Information and to Submit your Profile Page Information, click here.

See: Website Marketing

Happy Trails ~

Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild