Route 66/Seligman Fun Run is Coming April 30.

24th ANNUAL ROUTE 66 FUN RUN, seligman, angel delgadillo

If you are heading up to the South Rim on the morning of Saturday, April 30, I may suggest you bypass Route 66 and especially Seligman.  Angel and the town will be a bit preoccupied with the 24th ANNUAL ROUTE 66 FUN RUN.

It all starts in Selgiman bright and early Saturday morning.  Dawn is the actual starting time to line up and register. Last year there were over 800 cars registered and lined up on the main street of Seligman by 8am!!   Trust me, that leaves virtually no room for tour buses.

However, if you’re a car buff or a camera jockey, this is the fun place to be.  Its curb to curb cars, trucks and customs from every era, almost every manufacturer and many different countries. Last year we met people from all over the world who came to be in the run as well as just to ooogle the cars, the chrome and the heavy metal.

Best friend to the tour guides and one of the World’s most happiest men, Angel Delgadillo, will drop the starting flag at about 10am (give or take).  The last car will exit Seligman probably around noon.  Clearing the way for any late tour groups passing through.

On the first leg of the run, they head for Hackberry and Kingman via Peachsprings.  So the historic highway will be lined with gawkers, fans and friends wanting to cheer them all on.  Not to mention helping a few of the older ones who break down…

Hogs From the South

At the same time as all these cars are heading to Kingman from the north, the annual Laughlin River Run is having a poker run to Kingman from the south.  Meaning Route 66 from the south will be filled with more chrome and rubber to gawk at.

I’m hoping to be there again.  With the camera, not a bus.