Certified Professional Las Vegas Tour Guide Training Program

As of 2019, in order to accommodate our members’ busy schedules, we’ve designed the CPTG Program to be primarily self-study with very limited required meeting times. There are only 2 set meeting dates – one to give a short portion of a tour and then the final examination. Multiple tour and examination dates will be scheduled each year, based on demand. The remainder of the study and activities can be completed at times that work best for you.

Continue reading for general information about the program, and see bottom of the page for contact info and registration links.


To promote our members’ collective and individual knowledge, experience, and professionalism, it is the guild’s goal that all members pursue and attain certification by the guild as “Certified Professional Las Vegas Tour Guides” (CPTG).

To be certified by the guild, there are two requirements:

  1. The member must have verified work experience as a professional guide, and
  2. The member must successfully complete the guild’s CPTG training program

While earning qualified members the designation of Certified Professional Las Vegas Tour Guide, the training program’s most important function is to teach and strengthen the accurate knowledge necessary to guide travelers in Las Vegas and the region.

The LVTGG has offered this program, in a variety of formats, for many years. Training is moderated by experienced professional tour guide members of the guild, and the core curriculum consists of:

      1. Practical Guiding Skills and Information
      2. Geology
      3. Flora & Fauna
      4. Native Americans, Explorers, Pioneers, and Miners
      5. The genesis and evolution of Las Vegas, including:
        • The Mormon Fort and Helen Stewart
        • Downtown and the Railroad
        • Hoover Dam, the military, and the Atomic Age
        • The Strip, from its origins to today
        • Motels, the Mob, Corporations, and Mega-Resorts
      6. Regional locations and attractions
      7. Meet & Greet and Event Protocols

And much more.

Guild membership is a requirement to participate in the CPTG training, and the cost of the training is kept low as the class is offered as a service for our members.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will have fulfilled the training requirements of the CPTG designation, and their accomplishment will be noted on the guild’s online Members Page. Those participants who have also already met the work experience requirement will receive designation as Certified Professional Las Vegas Tour Guides, along with a certificate, a LVTGG CPTG name badge, and listing as a CPTG on the guild’s Members Page.

Interested persons can register for the class at any time and begin their studies immediately. To register, click here and choose the applicable link. Note that you must be a LVTGG Member in order to join the CPTG Program.

For any questions, please send us a message.