Don’t Go Up There

hoover dam overlook pillbox

Look familiar?? Well, don’t go there…  It could cost you your tour career.

Hoover Dam Overlook

The air defense hut that sits on top of the hill on the Arizona overlook above Hoover Dam.  There are signs posted not to trespass.  Restricted Area.

I finally asked a security person what would happen if I did venture up there.

  1. It’s National Park property.
  2. Off limits for safety
  3. $275 fine
  4. $100 fine for disobeying the signs
  5. You would be banned from the park
  6. Being banned from the National Park means you would not be able to legally cross the Hoover Dam bypass bridge as it is in the park.

The National Park has acquired it.  They would like to open it to tourists, but they have a problem.  That peak is loaded with rattle snakes.  Serious infestation of poisonous rattle snakes.  No way (yet) to make a path up there that would be snake proof.

Just letting you know… Don”t go up there…



  1. We were taught and grew up with respect, too! Along with not trespassing, we were taught not touch the winged statues, because their image and symbolism was very “sacred and important” to the story of the Dam.
    We certainly would not have (or will not) refer to the as “Angels” – they are not!!
    Perhaps a professional Guide would research the meaning and importance of these works of art!!