NFTGA Tour Guide Liability Insurance – Information

Dear LVTGG Members,

We are pleased to offer NFTGA Tour Guide Liability Insurance for individual members. The rate for 2021 is $98 per individual, plus, until Dec 31, 2020, payment and processing fees of $7, for a total of $105. Registrations and payments are only accepted online. Payments can be made with credit, debit, or PayPal. Registrations after Dec 31 are allowed, but the processing fee increases to $17 for a total of $115. All Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild members in “good standing,” current on their dues, are eligible to participate.  Note: All 2020 members are current on their dues for 2021.

Coverage starts 1 January 2021, or the date of enrollment and payment, whichever is later, and will end 31 December 2021, no matter the date of enrollment. Note: Individual late registrations after Dec 31 may take up to one month to process and receive paperwork from NFTGA.

See the quick links above for a summary of the policy and a Q and A page with more information. One of the key points to remembers is that the policy only provides coverage when acting as a guide, and does not cover those acting in a tour operator capacity.

To register, click here – Policy Registration and Payment.

If you have questions regarding this program, please email