NFTGA Tour Guide Liability Insurance – Information

Dear LVTGG Members,

We are pleased to offer NFTGA Tour Guide Liability Insurance for individual members. Registrations and payments are only accepted online. Payments can be made with credit, debit, or PayPal.

The cost is: Puchased by Jan 2024 – $115. Coverage may not be available to purchase after Jan 2024. Coverage begins when paid and ends at the with the current calendar year. All Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild members in “good standing,” current on their *2024* dues, are eligible to participate. If you are unsure whether you are current on your 2024 dues, please Contact Us.

For all enrollments before 2025 coverage is offered, coverage starts 1 January 2024 or the date of enrollment and payment, whichever is later, and will end 31 December 2024, no matter the date of enrollment. Note: Once your name has been submitted to the NFTGA, insurance payments are nonrefundable.

See the quick links above for a Policy Overview and a Q & A page with more information. One of the key points to remembers is that the policy only provides coverage when working as an Independent Contractor Tour Guide (or TM), and does not cover those working as an employee (W2) or acting in a tour operator capacity.

To register, click here – Policy Registration and Payment.

If you have questions regarding this program, please email