LVTGG Membership – Online Membership Renewal

Due to the pandemic and general lack of guiding work and income during 2020, all 2020 Memberships in good standing are valid through 2021 and there will be no dues or renewal paperwork necessary for 2021.

If you have not done so already – please be sure you have joined the guild’s Members Only Facebook Group, as we are using it for most in-house communications. If you have not already joined the group, visit the LVTGG Members Only Facebook Group and request to be added. While this feature is less active, we also invite you to register for email updates from the LVTGG website. The link will open a new page and will take less than a minute to complete.

If you have not yet completed the CPTG Certification Program, you can find information below, and would use the “Current Member Registration” link to register and pay for the program. Click here for more information on the Certified Professional Las Vegas Tour Guide training program.