June Meeting

We were pleased to have as our speaker, Connie Mancillas from Nevada Commission on Tourism.  She presented information and provided resources to help the local tour guides better understand their role in the marketing of Nevada as a tourist destination. That we are are in this together and that marketing one part of the state or the market, influences every other part of the market and the state.

She also brought members up to date with what the Nevada Commission on Tourism actually does for tourism and for the tour market in Las Vegas. Her presentation included an overview of its funding source and what all they do with that money.  She provided a quick, yet in-depth overview of all the different markets and areas the department does and is doing around the world, to help promote Las Vegas and the state to the world.

It was an eye opening experience for the tour guides in attendance to see what her department can do for them as well as for her in understanding what all we do and the people we meet.  There was healthy exchange of questions, comments and information between her and the Tour Guild.With more interactions to follow.

Connie is also helping the Guild apply for a state grant to provide some marketing material to help promote the Guild, its cause and its members.