Getting Business From the Guild Website

One question I hear a lot when I ask people to join the Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild “How Can I Get More Business From it?”  A simple question really.  Being a member for only $25 will get you your money’s worth IF you participate and take advantage of the website and other members.

Why Be Here?

  • More DMC’s and Tour Operators are utilizing the power of professional organizations. Their first place to look for help in a new city is to first check that cities guild or professional tour organization.  After that, research the guides that peak their interest from the membership list.  Be Here and Be Seen
  • Being part of a professional guide organization helps you stand out, look like the professional you are and helps us look better by having a larger talent pool for clients to chose from.
  • Education and Networking events.  The Guild has set itself on a focused path of new education and networking opportunities for its members.  This is getting us as an organization, out and about.  Being seen and recognized has meant an increase in website visitors who hire guides on a regular basis.
  • Publishing opportunities.  One of the most under used marketing tools for its members is this website.  The ability for you to write about your profession, get recognized and have it being seen by others.  This drives traffic to your contact information. (website/facebook/etc) .  Articles from this website get feed to other search engines and website directories.  It gets around!
  • Internet Marketing.  Face the facts.  More people search the Internet for what they want, than any other source.  Being here with other tour professionals helps build the rest of your Internet profile.  The Guild helps you get known on the Internet.
  • You are known by the company you keep. Be with other tour professionals.

Free Website

It’s free and not very fancy, but it is Very Effective for Marketing!  And that’s what matters.

Being a member of the Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild gets you a profile page.  Click Here to see a real member’s page (and help our search engine rankings).  It’s simple and informative.  Quickly tells the reader who you are, what you do, your education and/or credentials and how to get in touch with you.

You will also note the webpage address (URL).  Simple and to the point.  Easy to use for marketing or to point your own domain name to it.

Interested?  Want help in getting established on the Guild Website? Contact the LVTGG webmaster today.