FAMS are for Business

FAMS.  Familiarization tours.  An opportunity for tour professionals to get together with other tour professionals and get familiar with an attraction or location you may have a tour to someday.

It’s also an opportunity to do some business or get some business if you are smart.

Usually you are invited as part of a group, on behalf of the host of the attraction and given a behind the scenes working tour of the place as well as tips and examples on how you can benefit from the attraction as well as learning how it works with groups and private functions.  Important details you can’t get any other time.

FAMS are used for more than just familiarizing you with the attraction, its an opportunity for the attraction and others to see you in your element. In a place you do business in. Your behavior is being judged on a professional level.  Attending such an event can lead to more work just as easily as it can lead to losing work.  Its your choice.  Use it wisely or pay the price later.

Observing and Networking

Please remember that Any Time you are out wearing your “Look At Me, I’m a Tour Guide” hat, you are being judged by potential clients.  People you do not know who may want to work with you in the future are watching you.  Since it is a professional event, you should know its time to shine!

I get several jobs a year from other tours.  People who have been on one tour I am leading, later calling me to ask me to lead their tour because they liked what they saw.  I never knew they were tour ops, they were just guests on a tour.  I have also met other tour professionals at FAMS who referred business my way afterward.   As well, I have sent business to other tour professionals I met at FAMS because I liked what I saw and knew they could do a great job for my client.

The advantage to attending a FAM is that it shows you are taking your profession seriously by expanding your education and your knowledge base.  The fact that you attended the FAM while many others did not, can  boost your credibility with the host and those in attendance for future contacts ( or not).   Its Your Choice.

Never Forget that FAMS are for business.  Your Business!!