NFTGA Tour Guide Insurance Registration

To Register for the 2022 NFTGA Tour Guide Liability Insurance, please check the box, enter your name, email, and full mailing address, then submit the form. You will then be redirected to a payment page to make your payment via credit/debit or PayPal. Through Jan 2, 2021, the total cost is $104. Beginning Jan 3, 2021, the insurance cost is $124. Note that paid registrations made by Dec 31, 2021 will receive coverage beginning Jan 1, 2022. Afterwards, it will be upon registration and payment. While coverage is in effect as described above, actual coverage documents are received from the NFTGA weeks later. Registration is only complete upon payment. You will receive emails confirming both your insurance registration and payment.

Register for NFTGA Tour Guide Liability Insurance
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